Creativity At Arbour Vale School
Pupils are buzzing with ideas. What happens to these ideas as out children grow up? At Arbour Vale we promote creativity in learning in order to develop creativity in thinking. Everyone has creative capacity but they do not always recognise it. This can be the most effective and powerful resource to any nation, community, employer or individual. At Arbour Vale we develop and exploit creative capacity using strategies to generate a culture of innovation across the whole school and in each young persons thinking
To ensure an entitlement to a range of high quality arts experiences for every pupil, whatever their background, ability or learning difficulty;
To develop ambitious and adventurous programs of creative and cultural activity, which are explicitly focused on learning outcomes and on the aspirations of the school and our staff
To ensure a strategic and co-ordinated approach to arts education, including arts partnerships, which meets the needs of the school;
To ensure the best use of resources inside and outside school;
To ensure links with the community, which strengthen and broaden arts provision in school;
To ensure that learning and teaching in and through the arts directly contributes towards the raising of pupils' achievement in all areas of the curriculum
To promote pupils' creative thinking and behaviour in and beyond the arts;
To ensure that pupils are inspired, enabled and equipped to enjoy and benefit from the arts throughout their lives.