Arbour Vale receives requests for pupil places from the Special Education Needs department of Slough LA. The pupils concerned either have a statement of educational need or the statement is in preparation. The requests will include pupils residing in Slough LA and pupils who live in other authorities who have requested SEN provision in Slough.
The school has an admissions process. The criteria for admission are as follows:
  • Can the educational needs of the pupil as outlined in the statement be met?
  • Is the school currently resourced to meet the educational and non educational needs of the pupil as outlined on the statement? If not the school will enter into dialogue with the LA.
  • Is there a vacancy in the Year Group appropriate for the pupils chronological age and developmental stage?
  • Can the school meet the behavioural needs as defined on the statement?
  • Consideration is given first to pupils in Slough LA.
Pupils with autism on their statement are referred to an admissions panel. The above criteria  are looked at by this panel as well as:
  • Does the pupil have a clear diagnosis of autism
  • Does the pupil display difficulties with communication, social relationships, sensory perception and learning?
Visits to the school are  encouraged for all families  considering a place at the school. .Visits are usually  conducted by the Acting Headteacher, Tracey Bradshaw and include an overview of the whole school, a discussion of their child's needs and parental wishes  and  a  tour  to see the appropriate parts of the school  for their child’s requirements.  Arrangements are also made for a staff member to visit the child at home/nursery/school to assess them in an environment they are comfortable with.
Parents may be accompanied by a friend, relative or advocate, a professional who has been supporting them or a member of staff from the current school. A record is made of all visits.
Following the visit if the parents wish to proceed with the request for a place arrangements are made for the pupil to visit and then communication links are established with the school. A member of staff will visit the pupil and integration arrangements will be made to suit both schools the parents and the pupil. Finally the school will on request from Parent/Guardian initiate transport arrangements with the local authority [slough based pupils], when a start date has been agreed.
Visits to Arbour Vale
If you wish to visit the school please contact the school and we will be happy to make an appointment for you to have a tour.