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About the Autism Provision

The Autism Provision is a specialist provision within Arbour Vale School that caters for children 2 ½ to 19 years of age with a statement of SEN indicating autism and associated learning difficulties. In addition many of our pupils have specific sensory, behavioural, medical, social or emotional needs.

The main aim of the Autism Provision is to enable our children and young people to achieve their potential and develop the greatest degree of independence in communication, social competence, thinking and learning and sensory regulation as far as possible for each person.

The children will:

  • be encouraged to live an independent healthy-living lifestyle
  • be prepared for adult life with appropriate opportunities, responsibilities and experiences
  • benefit from a high staff to pupil ratio
  • receive consistent education and care thanks to a close working relationship between school and home, and other professionals
  • have access to and feel included in the local community.

Some of our  pupils within the Autism Provision stay within the provision until they leave school while others may move on to a mainstream setting or join the main part of the school.

Support provided to pupils is done in a sensitive nature to promote pupil progress, generalisation of skills and development of independence skills.  Expectations are high. 

All pupils within the Autism Provision have individualised personal organisers, which, depending upon their identified level, may hold their timetable, reward charts, rules, choosing boards, social stories and behavioural strategies to maintain engagement and provide personalised support.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to work in a variety of environments including; independent, 1:1, small group and whole group scenarios.  Within all the Autism Provision classrooms pupils have access to discrete learning areas, which support the pupils to remain on task and to limit distractions.

Within the Autism Provision, the learning environment, behaviour and sensory plans are consistently reviewed, modified and implemented to promote pupil success.

  • Staff ensure the social and emotional needs of pupils are clearly identified and supported. 
  • Pupil anxieties and stress management are well supported through the use of social stories, sensory workouts, massage and flexible schedules.
  • Teachers know the pupils very well and demonstrate a sound knowledge of pupil’s individual needs. 
  • Staff meet on a consistent basis to discuss pupil progress, behavioural impact and strategies to ensure success. 
  • Class teachers and support staff take responsibility for the pastoral care of the pupils by addressing their personal needs and promoting independence.
  • Parents and carers are involved in multi-professional meetings to ensure a consistent approach to pupils who are causing the greatest concern.
  • A multi-disciplinary approach ensures very good teamwork between class staff and therapists so that pupil’s individual learning and behavioural needs are addressed effectively.