Arbour Vale School continues to recognise that the staff team is its most valuable resource and that pupil progress is inextricably linked with staff performance and development.  Consequently, the school aims to support staff through a range of training approaches in order to ensure their continuous professional development.

Training undertaken by staff covers a wide and diverse range of subjects and issues from Communication Needs to Minibus Driving, from Thinking Skills to First Aid.   The number and variety of courses which staff have undertaken is too long to list here, but information is available from the deputy head.

In order to bring about the best possible programme of education for all our pupils and to ensure that they make appropriate progress towards independent learning, the staff team addresses differing aspects of the curriculum with a variety of methods and skills.  It is imperative that all these methodologies are developed and that opportunity is provided for staff to gain new skills and understanding of their professional roles.
Key priority: to provide CPD that effectively raises achievement across the school in all areas of learning and teaching.  This would also ensure that the learning environment is safe and appropriate.
Additional priorities include provison of CPD to ensure that shared leadership and management is embedded in school procedures and that work with the broader community reflects the ethos and vision of school policies.
These priorities will be met through whole school training, smaller group work, individual attendance on externally provided courses and personal research and study.