Teaching and Learning with Arbour Vale School

We have a unique and dynamic curriculum in place at Arbour Vale School. It reflects our belief that all pupils are entitled to a curriculum tailored to their individual needs, and that will enable them to reach their full potential. It takes full account of the local and national agendas and is recognised to be innovative, creative and successful.

It recognises that all pupils require:

  • a sense of autonomy and control
  • individual  attention to support their needs
  •  to be part of a wider community-  that provides them security,  and opportunities for social and emotional development
  • the opportunity to demonstrate competence and achievement
  • to be able to understand the meaning and purpose of learning
  • to enjoy friendship and fun

Our curriculum incorporates all aspects of the National Curriculum, with the emphasis on aspects of learning that will enable our pupils to achieve their potential.  The way in which the curriculum is structured, reflects the appropriate learning styles for the age groups.   It is best shown diagrammatically and details are included in the information to the right of the page.

Teaching and learning is within class groups and the class teacher or tutor is responsible for delivering the core subjects of English, mathematics, ICT and PSHE to their groups.  This enables pupil to work with a consistent small group of adults that know them well, and can target the small steps of development required.  Specialist teachers work across the school in the delivery of PE, Art, Music and Science.  Additional time is available within the curriculum to support pupils' personal, social and emotional development  and independence skills.  A thematic aproach is used to support pupils' to be able to  generalise their learning across a range of subjects and to look at some aspects of subject content in depth.  Overviews for this term's planning for EYs, Primary and KS3 are provided on this page.

Pupils are able to access accredited courses throughout their time in secondary and Post-16.  The courses relate to all aspects of the curriculum and are designed to meet the needs of all our pupils.

Many of our pupils follow a curriculum that is personalised to their learning needs, both academically, and socially.   This individualised approach is discussed with parents and will vary as pupil's needs change and develop.

The school curriculum provides a broad, balanced cross-curricular  approach that allows all pupils to develop the key skills and characteristics related to their personal, social and emotional development.  Overviews of key aspects of the curriuclum related to British Values, Careers Education, Advice and Guidance, SMSC and Personal Emotional and Social Development are also provided on this page.

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Monday, March 21st 2016

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