South Africa
In 2007 we joined up with the Dreams & Team project which is a Youth Sport Trust initiative and is supported by British Council. Through this we have been lucky to create a Partnership with Langa High, a township school, near Capetown in South Africa. Staff members from both schools have had reciprocal visits.  
The Afghan Connection Organisation
This year, we are very excited to take part in a whole school Cross Curricular Project on Afghanistan and Afghan connection. The Slough Museum will be putting our work on display for a week in June so Arbour Vale talents will be exhibited in town!!   Students have received gifts from our link school!!
If you wish to find out more about Afghan connection please visit
Afghan connection is an organisation run by Sarah Fane, a doctor who went to Afghanistan a few years ago and decided to establish links between UK schools and Afghan schools. The organisation has become very strong and has built 31 schools in Afghanistan. Sarah visits Afghanistan twice a year and goes to our link school there, facing the dangers of war and potential attacks. She comes and visits us on regular basis with gifts from the Afghan school and films and photographs to show us. It is a very lively link and our students produce Art work and letters that Sarah takes with her every time she visits Afghanistan.