Extra Curricular activities are available for all the pupils during break, lunch time and before and after school.   Details of the clubs on offer are:

Arbour Vale School – Extended hours

Breakfast Club

Monday to Friday                                                            8.20 – 8.50am

Our breakfast club provides a healthy start to the day. The students can choose from a wide range of cereals, yogurts, fruits and toast followed by activities that promote social interaction.

Break time and Lunch time clubs

Monday to Thursday                                                      11 – 11.20am and 12.20 – 13.20pm

Our lunch time and break time clubs offer a range of activities for students across the school. The students have a daily choice of activities which include: Sports, Music, Art (GCSE), ICT and Youth Clubs.  


After School     

Monday to Thursday

Fun Club                                                                              3.30 – 5.45pm          5 - 19years   
Each day will have a varied programme of activities which may include Art and Crafts, Sport, Soft play room, Sensory Play, Dance, Drama and much more..


Fearless Dance Co.                                                          3.30 – 4.45pm                    12 - 19years       

Fearless Dance Co. is a dance theatre company for young people who live in the Slough community. The class is also open to children and young adults with disabilities, their brothers, sisters and friends. The key ethos of the group is integration, not only with young people with different abilities, but also different creative art forms such as dance, theatre, film, photography and visual arts. After a warm up session, the group will work towards developing their confidence, and performance and technical skills by presenting works at celebration events in local schools and venues.

4Motion Media Club                                                      5.00 - 5.45pm                     12 - 19years  

The students will work towards devising, directing and producing various styles of films and documentary photo’s, prop/set making and sometimes extra rehearsals.


Tuesday and Thursday (different students)                                                     

Ten Pin Bowling                                                                                3.30 - 5.45pm                     5 - 19years                         

Aim for a Strike at ‘Absolutely Bowling’ alley in Slough. Students will have a snack at school before heading down to ‘Absolute Bowling’, they will then be returned to school for a 5.45pm collection.

Let’s Get Cooking                                                            3.30 – 5.45pm                    5 - 19years         

We will aim to support and teach children how to cook basic recipes and inspire them in the kitchen. We will concentrate on healthy eating and the values of good food. Each term we send home a recipe book containing the recipes of that term.



Twin Seated Go-Karts                                                    3.30 - 5.45pm                     12 - 19years   

Experience the thrills of Go-Karting, Absolute Karting have twin seated Go-Karts to enable children with special needs the chance to be driven by experienced track staff around their grand prix circuit.

TVAP                                                                                     3.30 - 5.45pm                     5 - 18years   

Each week a group take advantage of the excellent facilities at Thames Valley Adventure Playground. Being a fully accessible site dedicated for children and young people with special needs it allows our students to mix with other children while taking part in a range of activities. 

Gifted and talented Multi sport’s club                    3.30 – 5.00pm                    11 – 19 years

We offer a range of inclusive sporting activities to students from Arbour Vale and the surrounding schools. The club is aimed at developing the student’s knowledge and skills on a particular sport, over a six week block, allowing the students to access a variety of sports across the year.  


Wheel Chair basketball club                                        5.00 – 6.00pm                    11 – 19 years

As a wheel chair Hub school, we have a wheel chair basketball club that caters for students from within Arbour Vale and the surrounding schools.  The students work on skill development, wheel chair mobility and game play. The club also offers the inclusive Zone Basketball format which looks at teams of runners and wheel chair users playing on court at the same time.



We will run holiday club from 10am – 2pm on Tuesday’s and Friday’s during Easter and 3 weeks during the summer. On both days we run a Multi Activity Club for ages 3½ – 19yrs.  We split the children and rotate them around different planned staffed activities which can include Art and Crafts, Drama, Music, Splash Pool, Various Sports, Wheels 4 All bikes. Students who do not wish to access these activities have access to the Sensory and Soft play rooms, School fields and playground equipment, ICT room and the Post 16 social area to play.

On Thursday’s we offer Ten Pin Bowling for ages 5 – 19yrs. We meet at the school, and then travel by minibus to the Absolute Ten Pin Bowling in Salt Hill Park bowling, before heading back to the school for lunch and playing a few games before collection.



On Saturday mornings we run Wheels for All, an adaptive bike club and 4 Motion Drama for 4 -19yrs. The club runs for 2 hours from 10am – noon. We have a large collection of adaptive bikes including a wheelchair accessible version. The club is open to children and young adults with disabilities, their brothers, sisters and friends. Parent/Carers may be asked to stay on site depending on the medical or behavioural needs of the children as we are only staffed to facilitate the activities. Parent/Carers can join in or socialise.