We are pleased with the progress that all our pupils make,  and this view is shared by parents at Parents evenings and EHC meetings.   Pupils make progress in all aspects of their development and many excel in their personal and social learning. 

We use performance data based on the P levels for many of our pupils, and for our more able cohort we cross reference to the age related expectations within the National Curriculum.   The majority of our pupils working within these levels will be working between AVS levels 1-3.   We still make use of comparative data available within CASPA,  as well as moderation of judgements within school, and between schools.

Highlights of pupils' progress over the last year is:

  • Whole school trend data demonstrates sustained progress as well as year on year progress  for pupils across the school.98% of pupils achieved expected progress or above in an average of all subjects.

  • Whole school data demonstrates that there are no significant differences between groups of pupils in terms of the achievement at whole school and by English and Maths

  • Whole school data reports demonstrate that the majority of pupils make or exceed expected progress in English and Maths strands

  • Accreditation data demonstrates a shift in accreditation levels from ELC through to full course GCSE.Courses for 2015-16 included Mathematics,in addition to PE and Art.

  • There are no pupils who are NEET on leaving AVS.Destinations include specialist colleges and local colleges with support.


Information about other aspects of school performance for 2015-16  can be found at https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/