To provide a service that places children first in identifying their needs and providing them with support which promotes their development and learning

  • To provide high quality speech and Language therapy for children and young people in Slough schools.
  • To provide support, training and advice for staff, parents and other agencies.
  • To carry out high quality assessments to determine children's speech, language and communication needs.
  • To carry out the assessment and provide a programme and/or advice within 12 weeks of receipt of referral.
  • To maximize the skills of the school staff to work in partnership towards facilitating the child's identified speech and language targets.
  • To provide a tailor made support service for each individual school dependent on their needs and skills.

The Team

Our specialist areas of interest include Hearing Impairment, Specific Language Impairments, Complex Needs, Down Syndrome, Autism and Dysphagia. The team are based at Arbour Vale School, Specialist Sports College. We provide services to 43 Schools and 8 Resouce Bases, with age ranges from Nursery to Secondary age. There are currently approximately 1,495 children on our caseload.

Contact Details:  

Speech & Language Therapy Services
Arbour Vale School
Farnham Road
Farnham Royal

Tel: 01753 515565  Fax: 01753 515561